Meter Operations Personnel Training

aQity can provide training for new or experienced meter maintenance personnel. In many cases procedures have not changed in decades and an outside look at those procedures will result in changes that will make the operation more efficient. Training would be on-site for any number of maintenance personnel and would typically be a two day session. Call for quote on our training services.

Auditing Services

Most cities with electronic meters also have the tools to implement an audit system that will allow the comparison of revenue collected to what actually was deposited in the meter. Although for a variety of reasons the audit is not perfectly accurate, the audit system can provide assurance that there are no internal or external problems relating to revenue. When properly implemented, the audit amount will be within one percent of the actual collection. aQity can help you implement the system, get the results you expect, and provide training and with on-site evaluations to keep the system running smoothly.

Rate Conversions

Provided the meters are Duncan electronic, we can convert your meters to new rates and time limits quickly and efficiently. We can provide and install new rate plate decals while converting the meters.

Once new rates have been approved, you can multiply the percentage increase times the annual revenue divided by the number of days in the year the meters are enforced to see the difference even a few days can make.

If, for example, you had 3,000 meters at $.50 per hour that were enforced 260 days per year with annual revenue of $2,000,000 and were increasing the rate to $.75 per hour, the daily difference in revenue would equal approximately $4,000 per day for each day the conversion was delayed.

In many cases the City doesn’t have the personnel available, and we can make the conversion in a timely manner that will actually save you money.